When I am at a Loss for My Own Words

Quotes are truly to be cherished. It might be a movie quote or a friend’s intoxicated wisdom, but if you can remember them, it is a good way to prompt a thought or a smile. The favourite thing my strategy professor said this week:

“80% of my Chulalongkorn students will go on to CEO’s of big companies…” Dramatic pause as I reflected upon all my inner potential. Then he finished his sentence: “because they will be handed their family business.”

I felt mildly less inspired but at least now I have something to laugh about.


From my favourite film, My Zinc Bed, I have a quote for my logic professor whom I have been quite charmed with. I admire her stoic Japanese pessimism.

“Is perfect friendship always brief? Moderation in all things.”

I like this because I have friendships where I’m tormented to be away from them, even briefly. But I can agree with this quote because a brief friendship is an idealistic one. A few inspirational moments unburdened with the monotonous side of everyday life, and then moving forward without the need to smother out the good things.

I am a romantic for novelty and a lot of inspiration comes from people whose place in my life is left best in my memory.


"I don’t want to repeat my innocence, I want the pleasure of losing it again" – F. Scott Fitzgerlad

Yasmine & Ali, thank you for an amazing lunch of Arabic food and real French cheese. People from Paris always show the beauty of smoking cigarettes in a still room.

I went for dinner with the daughter of a friend of my Aunt’s, Dreya. She was really sweet and when we departed she reminded me that she was at my Aunt’s wedding. I was 4 and she secretly hated me all these years because I got to be a flower girl and she really wanted to. At her wedding, when they called a “toast” I literally went into the kitchen looking for toast. Hardly admirable, but still full of innocence…

Later that night a friend and I were almost arrested by the Thai police. It turns out you can’t make international phone calls from your Thai cell phone, but you apply some basic Canadian legal principles in a war of attrition against the Thai police

It was a cigarette procurement trip gone awry when on the way home my friend driving the scooter thought it would be a good idea to ask the police at the road block for directions instead of quietly driving through. The Swiss might be neutral, but they sure think they can do anything – the police took the keys to the scooter, sat us down and asked him to blow. Thankfully for having a lawyer as a step-father, I knew to avoid giving the police tangible evidence against ourselves, so I told him to suck in. After 4 unsuccessful attempts of getting a reading on the alcohol detector, we stood up and they were taking us to the police station. While we were calling all the people we thought could bail us out, the karma clouds broke loose and there was an incredible downpour. I have been in Asia for two months and have barely seen a cloud. It rained so hard that if it had persisted for a second longer the whole of Bangkok would be flooded. Concerned with getting their uniforms wet, the police packed up and told us to go home.

We high-fived, returned to the party and jumped into the pool.

6 Hours of Class

What is it about hangover Thursdays? I only have one day a week with a full day of classes and I consistently drink too much the night before. My desire to avoid Thursday hangovers is way too sincere to be some sort of subconsciously destructive behavior… I think the stars must be improperly aligned on Wednesdays.

This morning I felt completely wretched when I woke up. It was an improvement from last week where I felt perky and naive. I had breakfast and smiled at people in the halls before going to class – 15 minutes later my hangover hit me. I left class and did not return.

Wednesday nights have me feeling a bit like a werewolf – Next week I am going to bolt my door and turn my phone off.

Where are the Clouds?

Let me get straight to the point, Mom & Paul, you are stealing my thunder. Remember the time I was 18 and told you I was moving to Mexico by letting the graduation emcee announce it as I walked across the stage? Well…when I came back from Mexico you guys were throwing massive parties and having way too much fun without me.

I just moved to Asia and let’s just say that is it not fair for you to make me jealous of all the fun that you are having at home with your Dancing with the Stars fundraiser. I worked so hard to get here that I feel as though I should be more adequately missed. Did you know that most parents lives end when their kids move away? They yearn for phone calls, make them feel guilty for not being around – instead you guys make me jealous of all the cool things you’re doing. Just wait until Caden moves out, then you’ll be lonely and miss us all.

I am actually really proud of you. I am just burdened with attempting to out-do you.

Mom & Paul do the Tango for Hospice – Youtube Video

Oh yeah, I’m in Bangkok…

I am two months into Asia and I just remembered how much I love writing. This blog will be an interesting balance sharing my experiences with family, friends and exchange students..where can I possibly direct my sarcasm? I will have to target the non-English speakers, I guess. I have decided to leave my beloved Grandparents out of this – I have surrendered them of enough of my innocence.

Cheers to those who understand the subtleties I would not dare to write. My first goal is to keep drunk posting to a minimum and then I will let you in on a little bit of my Bangkok life…