Where are the Clouds?

Let me get straight to the point, Mom & Paul, you are stealing my thunder. Remember the time I was 18 and told you I was moving to Mexico by letting the graduation emcee announce it as I walked across the stage? Well…when I came back from Mexico you guys were throwing massive parties and having way too much fun without me.

I just moved to Asia and let’s just say that is it not fair for you to make me jealous of all the fun that you are having at home with your Dancing with the Stars fundraiser. I worked so hard to get here that I feel as though I should be more adequately missed. Did you know that most parents lives end when their kids move away? They yearn for phone calls, make them feel guilty for not being around – instead you guys make me jealous of all the cool things you’re doing. Just wait until Caden moves out, then you’ll be lonely and miss us all.

I am actually really proud of you. I am just burdened with attempting to out-do you.

Mom & Paul do the Tango for Hospice – Youtube Video


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