"I don’t want to repeat my innocence, I want the pleasure of losing it again" – F. Scott Fitzgerlad

Yasmine & Ali, thank you for an amazing lunch of Arabic food and real French cheese. People from Paris always show the beauty of smoking cigarettes in a still room.

I went for dinner with the daughter of a friend of my Aunt’s, Dreya. She was really sweet and when we departed she reminded me that she was at my Aunt’s wedding. I was 4 and she secretly hated me all these years because I got to be a flower girl and she really wanted to. At her wedding, when they called a “toast” I literally went into the kitchen looking for toast. Hardly admirable, but still full of innocence…

Later that night a friend and I were almost arrested by the Thai police. It turns out you can’t make international phone calls from your Thai cell phone, but you apply some basic Canadian legal principles in a war of attrition against the Thai police

It was a cigarette procurement trip gone awry when on the way home my friend driving the scooter thought it would be a good idea to ask the police at the road block for directions instead of quietly driving through. The Swiss might be neutral, but they sure think they can do anything – the police took the keys to the scooter, sat us down and asked him to blow. Thankfully for having a lawyer as a step-father, I knew to avoid giving the police tangible evidence against ourselves, so I told him to suck in. After 4 unsuccessful attempts of getting a reading on the alcohol detector, we stood up and they were taking us to the police station. While we were calling all the people we thought could bail us out, the karma clouds broke loose and there was an incredible downpour. I have been in Asia for two months and have barely seen a cloud. It rained so hard that if it had persisted for a second longer the whole of Bangkok would be flooded. Concerned with getting their uniforms wet, the police packed up and told us to go home.

We high-fived, returned to the party and jumped into the pool.


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