Mundane Monday through Friday

It is midterm week. Between caffeinated bursts of productivity I have been finding new sources of entertainment. I have a secret study spot at my school and the past 2 days I feel like I have been caught in a mild version of a freeze flash mob. A freeze flash mob is when a group of people secretly schedule a time and place to go to a public spot like a grocery store and freeze like an eerie scene from a movie. check it out:

I study in the Masters area, Iā€™m not supposed to be there ā€“ they just tolerate me. Over the past 2 days I think I have done more work than the entire floor combined. These people literally stand around and do nothing, groups of 4-10 people, for hours! Yesterday a girl sat down at my table beside the window and played with her nails for just under 2 hours. I timed her. If I am ever spotted near a window without being actively engaged in an activity, you can guarantee I am considering jumping out of it.

On a more amicable note, I found a cockroach in my bathroom. He scurried when I startled him and I was surprisingly pleased to see him. My love for cockroaches is really just a triumph over my hate for spiders but it also reminded me of Mexico. I used to sweep cockroaches up with a broom and I remember the time we found a tarantula in our car. Thailand is really quite civilized. All the insects and frogs are gathered and sold by street vendors ā€“ in Mexico they showed up dead in the pool.


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