"Pee Straight"

…is what I was thinking as I stood on a squatter toilet nearing the end of an interesting day.

The day was marked with many things that I love. I had an inspiring conversation about potential economic developments in Burma (Myanmar) with a friend I met at the Burmese Embassy. Next I went to Fight Night where I saw 3 knock outs in 7 matches. My friend from my boxing gym won the headlining match in the second round. Then I had dinner with Sophie and we went for drinks with a group of travelers. A French filmmaker and I discussed film and literature until 3AM and he got me thinking that perhaps I shouldn’t write off the film industry as a career path.

Yesterday when I reminded Mom of a time Grandpa almost ran over a cat, she said “Cats are a dime a dozen.” If somehow I am ever tricked into owning a cat as a pet, I will name him Dime.


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