Happy New Year, Again

I just had the most uplifting conversation. I was feeling very melancholy about Songkran, Thailand’s New Year which is a 3 day water fight. I went out to “play” yesterday and it was fun at first, splashing water on each other and there is a clay paint that people put on other people’s faces. As the streets got more crowded and the men a little drunker, they started being really aggressive putting the paint on my face. My earring almost got ripped out and someone grabbed my face with 2 hands from behind me and wouldn’t let go, meanwhile they were pelting you with water. That’s when I retired my gun and decided my New Year was over. I spent day 2 of the 3 day event watching movies in my room with no food and no restaurants open. Finally I just left the house to go to 7 Eleven and I met a New Zealander who passionately hates Songkran for stagnating the economy and killing 2,000 people each year. To put that in perspective, 26 people died in the military coup last year.

At 3pm yesterday we had to find a taxi driver who wasn’t drunk. I am not regretful to be going to Singapore tomorrow.


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