Doing her Divemaster

It’s been an exhausting 12 hour day with 4 scuba dives, but I am still full of endorphins. I am living in Tulamben which is a small scuba diving oriented down in the volcanic countryside of Bali. I have been living at a dive shop doing my Rescue Diver certification and now I am starting my Divemaster. Today I moved into a new place – it’s wonderful. I went from having a toilet with no toilet seat, a shower with no faucet, water that never worked and sleeping on smelly sheets in a dorm room for 6 people to my new place. Aside from the contrast, it’s quite stunning. I have a large patio, a closet, a giant bed the bathroom is above Indonesian standards – all for $3 more a day than the dorm. It really feels like home. There is an Indonesian family that lives there and they are smiling and friendly, just like the restaurant down the street – where I write my emails.

The dive shop I am doing my Divemaster at is lovely too. It is kind of like a small family there, I quite like everyone. I will be here for a month, then back to Canada and back to work.

When I am done my Divemaster I will be certified to take people on their “Discover Scuba” dives, so their first uncertified dive into the ocean and to guide groups through dive sites. I don’t know if I will actually ever do this, but it is a nice escape route out of a regular life and the skills that I am learning are quite important.

I like this quaint little life in a town where the road only road takes 5 minutes to walk down – this is good because I am relocating somewhere small in October and I hope that I like it enough to stay a while 🙂


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