A Mild Winter in Munich

I haven’t been blogging because I am too picky. The whole drafting, editing and commiting to a blog post I was sure no one would read is very time consuming. However, it’s been brought to my attention that some of these memories are worth it.

I am sitting in a park in Munich, Germany. It is 2 hours before my LSAT and as I begin writing for the first time since Thailand, this sunny moment will mark the shift from my compulsive over achieving tendency (really, LSAT holiday?!!?), to doing something that I love – writing.

My travels through Indonesia, Alaska, Slovenia, Paris, Turkey and Cyprus will be mentioned later when I have got
more time than stories.

Today I am Munich and tonight I am on my way to Budapest.

I had very little expectations of Germany. The Holocaust and the LSAT thing had a very dreary hold on me.

Munich is exceptional! It’s a very mild December and the entire city is like a classy beer and wine tasting. The Christmas markets are intoxicating with atmosphere, food and drink and after walking briskly I hardly even need my coat. Their mild winter shares the benefit of Fall because the leaves are still falling off the trees. I want to bring my Nana here.

Did I mention the architecture?!!?

This is also the first time I’ve stayed in a dorm hostel by myself. It’s fantastic.  I don’t have enough time in the day to hang out with all the interesting people I’ve met.

I just travelled through Turkey and Cyprus with Megan and Kristina. I had no expectation of anything being as wonderful as the two of them, but…life is good!

On my way to the LSAT center I got lost and I’m glad. I asked for help and before I knew it 5 towering distinguished
German men were surrounding me. If they weren’t so charming it would have felt like I was being mugged. Their language can seem harsh, but the way they change their tone of voice so quickly makes me giggle. There seem to be a lot of good people in Germany, I have a lot of respect for this country. It’s very efficient and trendy.

I went on a tour to a concentration camp yesterday. It was undoubteldy horrific, but I don’t know…I kind of felt like films are more impactful. It’s just so hard to put two and two together.

Alright, one blog post down. Several more to account for.


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