Off to Budapest

It was sad to say goodbye to Munich and the friends I had made. However, the purgatory bus ride of 8.5 hours proved to be worth it. I now live in Hungary.

I have rented an apartment for 1 month and I am in love. It’s in central Budapest and it is the most charming character apartment I have ever seen. It is similar to the classic  Bute Street apartments in Vancouver.

Past the courtyard there is a creaky elevator with 2 sets of doors that need to be pushed and pulled open, like in suspenseful movie scenes. We have 12 foot ceilings and gorgeous cast irons bar designs on all the windows. I have a beautiful desk to work at – this would have been a GPA booster in university for sure.

There is a corkboard on the wall and I had only 1 thing to put on it – a post card from my friends in Munich. When I was writing my LSAT they went on a day trip to Austria and they brought me back a postcard.

I have only met one of my flat mates, but she’s a doll. She’s Spanish and a ton of fun.

Life is good in Budapest.


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