Preparing for Christmas

Materialism is looking really good on Santa Clause right now. Today is the Dutch Christmas holiday celebrated with Sinterklaas, pranking, and racism.

First they threaten the children that if they are bad, Sinterklaas will put them in a sac, beat them and take them to Spain.

Next they write a poem for a family member. It is expected that this poem references all the faults and any recent mistakes made by this person. Ill feelings are encouraged, not that the Dutch need prompting to speak their minds.

The children who survived Sinterklaas’s visits grow up to seek revenge on their parents – this comes in the form of presents. Wrapping wet cookies alluding to dog shit, or covering a gift with paper mache is common.

“..and the great thing is that we only believe in Sinterklaas and his 8 to 10 black men really exist until the age of 9 or so, but making shitty presents for the parents continuous for the rest of our lives.”

8 to 10 black men??!

In Holland, Sinterklaas has slaves instead of elves. He arrives in a boat each with his 8-10 “Black Pete’s”.

Considering the nation terrorizes each other for the holidays, it’s rather diplomatic that in the 1970’s they defended the Pete’s’ color as coming from chimney soot.

I am not surprised that learning the names of each of Santa’s reindeer was emphasized so strongly in our school system.

Here is to individuality, materialism and another lovely Christmas season.


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