Stumbling on her words

OK – this is where I struggle at blogging. I wait for that literary moment where everything comes together as a hilarious and cohesive blog and if it doesn’t happen, I don’t post. Or, I write while I’m drunk, but strangely I have had the good sense not to post that as of late.

So let me share with you some random bits and pieces of Budapest.

Firstly, loving life.

I don’t have to study. I read books for fun, I live in a trendy downtown neighborhood – there is a hummus bar across the street and a restaurant with 50 cent glasses of wine.

Hungary’s national liquor, something to the tune of “bsdokjfsodjf” tastes like 3 parts moonshine and 1 part nail polish remover harvested in flower pedals.

The produce in this country is atrocious. I can only imagine what it was like in its communist era – right now it is bordering compost.

I bought a pass to a swanky gym. My new favorite thing is a good ol’ Eastern European topless sauna.

There was a Jewish walking tour I went on, I concluded it with a kosher chicken soup. I am vaguely familiar with the concept kosher meat products, but honestly, I am a little hesitant to Google it. The chicken was frighteningly unique.

I’ve got more walking tours to attend, a new hat and scarf to purchase, and even a Christmas party to attend. Speaking of which, mulled wine is a novelty that will not be making it into the 12 days of Christmas.


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