Trip of a lifetime in Turkey

Look closely and the Istanbul bridge behind them is also lined with fishermen

My blog was reignited after my trip to Turkey with Megan and Kristina. We travelled through Turkey and Cyprus together for 2.5 weeks in November.

Every aspect of that trip glittered. Our mistakes turned out to be some of the highlights of our trip, for instance, taking the 21 hour train instead of the 12 hour bus and showing up in a middle of nowhere town to catch a ferry that mistakenly wasn’t scheduled until 36 hours later.

Megan and I have known each other for a few years and Kristina is her friend from high school. Experiencing incredible things with another person really makes you closer.

For instance, the time we were food poisoned together. Imprisoned by our bowels, we were thankfully in Cyprus, which is a very boring country.

Cappidocia was another unbelievable experience. It is a region of Turkey with cities carved into the hills and it was the film set for Star Wars. It would not be difficult to mistake which planet you are on in Cappidocia, I fell asleep on the bus ride there and I’m still not certain that it was Earth.

Other moments of a girls trip in Turkey naturally included the wild night in Istanbul, a philosophical “wow” moment watching a sunset followed by the re-evaluation of your own life as you start praising Turkish people for things like having gardens, as if it was the strangest thing we had seen on the trip.

The “Who am I?” game was a hit, further justifying the Post-it notes I have been carrying around for a year. Writing characters on each other’s foreheads to guess was equally entertaining whether we were in a pub or at a bus stop.

We traveled during the off-season when shops were empty and the owners were bored. When we asked if a restaurant was open, the person aimlessly sitting in front of it would pause and say “sure.” After we ordered our food they would run to the grocery story because they weren’t stocked with anything. It made for a very personal experience in Turkey because people took the time to talk to us and offer us tours of their city. It also made for very fresh food, or perhaps slightly outdated food (hence the poisoning).

Turkey is definitely on my list of places to return to. In the meantime my experience there lives on through my friendship with Meg and Kristina.


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