Tattooed in Belgrade

Blogging about my tattoo is reminiscent of Grad 2006 when I told my family I was moving to Mexico instead of going to school through the announcement as I walked across the stage.

“Nicole Fisher has gotten a rather large tattoo in Serbia.”

They can’t be that mad. I’m 23 and Mom still refers to me as the daughter who pierced her own belly button.

So, I got a tattoo in Serbia.

I had been planning this tattoo for over four years. I have talked to many tattoo artists and nothing has felt right until now. I was browsing in Belgrade when I spotted a stunning sketch matched with an incredibly skilled portfolio of designs.

They belonged to the director of the shop – a true Madame of the industry.

She is about 50 years old, and a painter. She doesn’t tattoo much anymore but she liked the style of my tattoo so they called her into the shop. I trusted her assertive and graceful presence immediately. She had a team of people working with her that we collaborated with for 3 days, it was comfortable and the perfect tattoo experience.

I had two people tattooing me at the same time. It was hilarious, not once did they ask if I was doing okay and they would switch off for breaks while I endured 3 hours straight. It quite tolerable until the last half an hour when there was a bit of squirming.

I won’t annoyingly boast that “I have a high tolerance for pain” as people who get tattoos love to point out, but the Madame said I was like a dragon. 🙂

THE TATTOO – What is it, why?!!

Wise and fierce, the tiger represents my Grandfather. He is all of my inspiration and the foundation of who I am.

The tree of life, my Nana. She is one of my best friends and she is the most loved person I have ever met. Her two daughters have given her seven grandchildren and this month she turns 70.

Four orchids represent my younger siblings, Cassidy, Morgan, Caden and Devon – the bud that wasn’t given the chance to bloom. My Nana and I shared a magnificent orchid for a year, but I won’t get into the details of that story.

To become immortal – this is a nonchalant line from the 1960 French film Breathless. An arrogant and chauvinistic man is asked what his greatest ambition is, he replies “To become immortal, and then die.”

I admired his confidence and I have kept his words for my own standard in life – there is nothing I won’t strive for. I am in Serbia alone, I have travelled the world, I have gotten the beautiful tattoo I have talked about for years and I am proud.


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