Off the mountain unscathed

I had a surprisingly lovely day at Mount Baldy. Not having to look cool in front of the small children and novice adults I snowboarded with was a ton of fun. It’s amazing how much you can practice your technique when you’re not 16 and trying to race your friends down the hill.

I realized something else too – snowboarding is a young mans game. Yes, my 5 year old brother might be able to beat me down a ski hill but I have a hell of a lot further to fall when I topple.

At least I discovered a run that my 7 year old sister wasn’t able to beat me down. Somehow we got lost and ended up on a treaturous black diamond run. Thankfully she had been begging me to take her exploring all day. This made her much more tolerant when she had to take off her skis and climb down what was essentially a cliff.

And finally, the best moment of our day happened at the top of a chair lift. Morgan, my Mom and I crashed to the ground dismounting the chair lift, then Mitch, Darla and Kade did the same. Six of us were laying on the ground and rather unimpressed, my 5 year old brother skied past saying “C’mon guys, let’s go,”, too young to realize the humour in the situation.


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