Playing in the snow at work

I’m thrilled! So far this trip reminds me of a family Christmas on the mountain except instead of giving gifts to each other we get paid.

In the 2 days I spent at in a small camp and, the camp already felt like a family. There’s something to be said for a kitchen so small that everyone is having the same conversation at dinner and Carla yells from the stove when your eggs are ready.

It was a winter wonderland utopia in the Wildfire camp. We went snowmobiling in absolutely ideal conditions, continued into a gigantic snowball fight and I made a mini snowman.

Today I left camp as scheduled, but I came to Stewart (a town) unexpectedly. I get to go on the tour around the camps tomorrow with two engineers from our office. We just had a lovely dinner, tonight I am in a hotel and I am thinking this camp tour can only go deteriorate from here.


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