I like my coffee black and de-thawed

Thank god my job no longer entails being outside because I nearly died getting to the office this morning – let me tell you about the ordeal.

I filled my thermos with coffee and got out my hat. Trust me, I was really pushing my bundling up threshold with the hat – this is the girl that suffocates in long sleeve shirts. I asked Susan if she was driving down to the office and she said no, but offered me her quad.

I didn’t know how to say no without looking like an ungrateful wimp. I asked her which one it was, even though the snowy mountain was so snowy it looked as though I were about to drive into a sheet of paper. Realizing that it didn’t have a cup holder, I secured my thermos in the back with my notebook, this is the point where it became extremely evident that I needed gloves.

I had never been in a situation where my winter Russian hat has ever been used for anything but making me laugh and looking cool. I had to snap the damn thing under my chin and I was not laughing. Amused, maybe.

If the path hadn’t been marked out with bamboo sticks on either side, I really don’t think  I would have found my way to the office. In the 4 minute drive it took me to get there, my coffee had spilled all over my notebook and icicled! ICICLED!

That was followed by almost 20 minutes of unthawing and shock. My hands were shaking and I stood in purgatory 1 meter away from the heater, afraid to get any closer because my fingers were in sheer pain.

I’m thinking the novelty of this is going to wear out real quick.


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