The inmates are running the prison

That is how our camp manager would describe our camp right now. No one is here to boss anyone around, it’s a snowed in mountain of misfits.

Two days ago I broke a quad and today when a new one was bestowed to me, it didn’t take 20 minutes for me to kill the battery. Embarrassed to go back to the office, Domanic and I decided to go for a snowmobile ride – I drove.

Depth perception does not exist in this winter wonderland. Our camp has been snowed in for days, no food or people in or out. To follow the road all you can do is position yourself between the bamboo stick markers and hope to see the next one.

I suppose mistakenly following the marker into a giant snowdrift is all the fun of it.

If we had to radio for help after rumor of my dead quad slowly leaked through camp, I probably would have died. We did the “oh shit stomp” making hard ground to reverse on. We laughed so hard we presumed it was the highlight of our day.

Then we built a snow cave.

With Dom and “Jordangerous”, I put on snowshoes and we hiked 30 seconds to where we decided to build our snow cave. The enormous snow pile by the kitchen caught our eye. I seriously almost peed my pants we were laughing so hard falling, joking and shoveling like maniacs in the goldmine of snow.

As Jordan took his turn in the cave, Dom asked “Is that the Snow Cat?” Lights approached the top of our hill in slow motion before Greg dumped a trailer-sized load of snow 2 feet away from the entrance of our cave. It was surreal as we rolled down the hill landing in another hilarious laughing fit.

Our brush with death and snowy evening of hot chocolate in a 3-man cave could have very easily been one of those things we just talked about doing; but it wasn’t, and I am really happy about that.


3 thoughts on “The inmates are running the prison

    • Aww, you two are a blog reading unit ❤ I definitely need to start coming up for coffee breaks.

      Hey, remember that time you tried to dump the samples out of the back of the ranger with the tailgate up? Awesome.

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