Sledding, Welding & Snowplowing, oh my!

Up at in camp the drills have been turning and I’ve been meeting my quota for entertainment. I figure at least one extraordinarily fun thing per day will get me through the remaining 21 days of my shift.

First there was sledding with Dom where we met up with the convoy coming from the glacier

I guess I threw him off the sled and didn’t notice.

I was practicing carving the powder with the snowmobile and I drove up to Greg in the Snow Cat. He had a big grin on his face and I thought “I’m getting pretty good at this.” Then someone managed to bring to my attention to the fact that I had thrown Dom off the sled, a considerable distance ago.

The photo was taken after he started walking while I recovered from a laughing fit, wiped a frozen tear of my face and turned the sled around.

My next crusade encountered less laughter but just as much smiling. I learned how to weld and I loved it.

It is very peaceful being forced into concentration while you manipulate the glowing metal into your own creation.

Well, peaceful for a girl whose yoga classes are fraught with sarcastic inner dialogue.

The final adventure was snowplowing on the night shift with Jordangerous. The Snow Cat is spacious enough to feel like someone’s living room and the party music suited the sideways blowing snow nicely.


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