Full speed ahead


An unexpected hiking trip with Bobby in Salt Spring 2009

“It’s like you’re on a train and you just don’t stop.”

It’s true. That’s what Cole said to me with regard to my latest obsession. I am determined to be a tourist in British Columbia and I want to go to Prince Rupert or do the West Coast Trail.

I just like being excited. At lunch, dinner and a lot of moments in between, my eyes have lit up thinking about taking the trip in the back of every British Columbian’s mind. I want to go treasure hunting on the beaches for washed up tsunami wreckage and shells.

The trouble is, I don’t know jack-all about hiking.

My last camping trip, my mother literally served a turkey dinner.

The one time I camped on the west coast, I slept in the minivan.

I desperately want my cousin Bobby to come with me. He’s such an incredible person and we’re curious little troublemakers when we’re together.

Step one for a big hiking trip: Shopping, right?


Things are looking up

I am finally caught up on what I missed during my break and I am becoming a bit more tolerant of my camp life. Persevering through the end of the day exhaustion to remain a bit adventurous has finally paid off. Our movie nights, parties, and outdoor adventures have reminded me that I actually like it here.

Yesterday I had a relaxing night of playing crib and going for a sauna. Running through a snow storm in short-shorts and rain boots has put a smile back on my face. Grumpy-camp Nicole has fallen into a crevasse and no one can hear her because everyone is making jokes on the radio.

Demoralized in Camp

I’m making such a conscious effort to be positive but I just want to tell everybody how bloody awful everything is.

Before I go on, take solace in the fact that I am a dramatist.

I’ve been working 10-12 thankless hour days. I have so much stuff to do it just looks like I’m not doing some stuff well. In the realm of frantic helicopter logistics no one understands that I have two weeks of work to catch up on. I’m exhausted and melancholy because I don’t have the time to step up and do things as well as I did them before because I am just trying to get caught up. I left camp before my break on my A-game and now I am just an exhausted and grumpy camp worker. There’s no glory in that, I’m going to lose blog followers if I don’t escape somewhere tropical and happy.

I at least did something that made me laugh. I needed the drillers to write their names on their doors, so I put this sign up and it worked brilliantly:

Dancing all night

They’ve packed me up and I’m off for 4 more weeks in camp. I’m pretty okay with it, I’m too misbehaved out here in the real world. Although, if I could curl my hair in camp without getting laughed that, that would be lovely!

A family gathering in Kelowna

I think Nana’s face sums it up. It was a rather apathetic Easter.

“Don’t hack the turkey”

“Pour the wine before you serve the food”

“Morgan flooded the house”

“Who said you could drink my  tequila?”

The Easter egg painting was less enthusiastic than expected. Intentions of making a bunny cake ended when there was no sugar in the sugar bin. My mother  bought my favourite cheese and we forgot to eat it. Nicole has a bad attitude and a job that has no pension.

Now I am in Vancouver and the clouds are spitting rain on these beautiful cherry blossoms.

Trading steel toes for heels

Six and a half weeks I am finally on break. Lesson number one from a dingy hotel room in Terrace: pair wine with water.

Seriously? With a 5:00 AM headache like this I am tempted to head back to camp rather than catching my flight to Kelowna.

However, I couldn’t be more excited about Easter.  It’s going to be a fantastically mundane holiday with a coconut bunny cake and every Easter egg kit we can find. I have 3 charming little siblings I have to remind who their favorite big sister is.

We are going to go the Hunger Games and laugh in the kitchen, probably over more wine.

P.S. Dad, I’ll point out again how silly these steel toes you insisted I buy are. The highest risk to my toes has been people kicking them, and let’s face it. That will end poorly for them regardless.