Trading steel toes for heels

Six and a half weeks I am finally on break. Lesson number one from a dingy hotel room in Terrace: pair wine with water.

Seriously? With a 5:00 AM headache like this I am tempted to head back to camp rather than catching my flight to Kelowna.

However, I couldn’t be more excited about Easter.  It’s going to be a fantastically mundane holiday with a coconut bunny cake and every Easter egg kit we can find. I have 3 charming little siblings I have to remind who their favorite big sister is.

We are going to go the Hunger Games and laugh in the kitchen, probably over more wine.

P.S. Dad, I’ll point out again how silly these steel toes you insisted I buy are. The highest risk to my toes has been people kicking them, and let’s face it. That will end poorly for them regardless.


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