Full speed ahead


An unexpected hiking trip with Bobby in Salt Spring 2009

“It’s like you’re on a train and you just don’t stop.”

It’s true. That’s what Cole said to me with regard to my latest obsession. I am determined to be a tourist in British Columbia and I want to go to Prince Rupert or do the West Coast Trail.

I just like being excited. At lunch, dinner and a lot of moments in between, my eyes have lit up thinking about taking the trip in the back of every British Columbian’s mind. I want to go treasure hunting on the beaches for washed up tsunami wreckage and shells.

The trouble is, I don’t know jack-all about hiking.

My last camping trip, my mother literally served a turkey dinner.

The one time I camped on the west coast, I slept in the minivan.

I desperately want my cousin Bobby to come with me. He’s such an incredible person and we’re curious little troublemakers when we’re together.

Step one for a big hiking trip: Shopping, right?


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