2 Double shots of moonshine in Alaska

How could I ever leave the north? I seriously think about moving here one day and raising lovely children who don’t know about Ed Hardy.

I have been having such an incredible time. I work hard, make the most of my days and I have met amazing people.

Great north helicopter photo shoot anyone?

Help! I am trapped inside a Kokanee label and I’m getting paid.

This is one of our smaller camps – A fraction of the mountain that I have to organize.

Excuse me while I am a tourist for a moment.

I strategically lowballed my estimate for the “how many bears will we see on our way to Stewart” game. I lost the game and saw 7 bears.

I took my passport and stole a bike from the hotel I didn’t stay at and rode it to Alaska from Stewart, B.C.

I stopped at this store to buy candied salmon.

It was closed and I caught my purse getting off the bike, collapsing 90 degrees towards the ground. Thankfully, it was the first real ground I had fallen on in 5 weeks, so I was in good spirits. The camp I work in is covered in snow if you haven’t caught on to that yet.

I rode my bike as far north as Hyder, Alaska would take me. I sat down and listened to my iPod for a while. On my way out a guy drove up, “did you hear the gunshots?” he asked. “No,” I replied “I had my headphones in.”

“Oh, well you should be cautious up here.”

“For what?” I asked? Trying to remember the protocol for encountering a bear.

He disclosed that people were shooting, the Hyderites. The first thing that came to my mind probably shouldn’t have been – “I wonder if they would let me have a shot?”

Next I went to the bar to get Hyderized. That’s a double shot of moonshine “drink it in one go or you buy the bar a round, you have to keep it down, etc. etc.”

In a grunt, the aged bartender said “let’s see how much you wasted” flipping our shot glasses over and lighting the residue on fire. Mine barely lit, while Mattieu’s burned for seconds.

I then got double Hyderized and drove my bike back to Canada.

Now I am just waiting in the hotel for the guys to get back from their grand moving-heavy-equipment-across-a-glacier adventure.

They’re always ripe with stories.


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