Sunshine in the Okanagan

It made a better chair then a cabinet

Turkish hookah night

The weather was beautiful when I arrived to Kelowna and went straight to my favorite golf course for lunch. I then hit up the lemonade stand run by my sisters and their adorable friends.

My Mom and her Shauna were getting handy with a couple of Corona’s and some unassembled furniture. I love building things, so I was eager to help. I heard my mom whispering to Shauna “this is going to be another perogie incident.”She was referring to how thrilled we were the time we decided to make homemade perogies.

It ended up being so much bloody work and frustration.

At least this time we were basking in sunshine instead of carbohydrates.

We made a valiant effort assembling the cabinet and chairs. The chairs looked great, but the cabinet only got to a point where it could be relied on for aesthetics.

There was some swearing. There was some frustration, and if I might add – the instructions were horrendous.

Sunburned and defeated, we paired what little sense of accomplishment we had left with a Mission Hill Cabernet Sauvignon.

Halfway through that bottle and sometime after UFC was over, I decided it was Turkish night. I played Turkish music and hauled out my hookah and scarf from Turkey. I lost the coals and we ended up using a briquette to like the hookah…this is something I would not recommend.


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