Balancing on 2 wheels

I got a bike for my birthday and it’s a great contrast of when I was 8 riding a bike for the first time.

I remember going down the back ally begging not to be let go. They let me go and I fell, skinning my knee and shattering my confidence at sports. You see, I never got much better than that at anything sport related. Frisbee’s on the roof, rollerblades in the closet and my best soccer skill was reminding Mom to pack oranges on game day.

So here I was, 24 and having a lovely family birthday. I had consumed far too much wine to even consider riding my bike, but I took a photo with it, tags on the helmet and in my favorite dress.

I had been making fun of my sister for wearing her helmet compulsively everywhere, but I get it now. Stopping in the house to pee – why bother taking it off? It’s very practical once you learn to account for the extra room you need for your head when navigating through the house.

And yes, I wear my helmet. I have to be a role model to the extent that doesn’t compromise my lifestyle choices.

So there it is, I have a new hobby. It’s something that doesn’t involve alcohol, getting on a plane and isn’t as completely self-absorbed as blogging.

Who needs a cake with these guys?

Yes, I’m 24 and I guilted my mother into getting me a cake.

Walking home from school with Grandpa Al and Grandma Ida. They just moved into the neighbourhood from Brazil.

An afternoon round of tennis and biking with the girls


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