View from inside the helicopter

It was my first day back to work and I didn’t make it back into the mining exploration camp I call home. I will no longer refer to my camp by it’s name because my blog started getting too many Google hits from “!@#$%^&* Camp”!

Anyways, our helicopter flight in was so foggy we had to stop on top of a random mountain to wait for better visibility. The hours passed and my feet got too cold for exploring, so I started to read the book my friend got me: The Art of Non-Conformity.

Literally trapped on a snow-capped mountain overlooking a glacier, sitting in the front seat of a helicopter, I read: “When you focus on escaping the humdrum of the cubicle, or wherever you spend your workdays….”

I found it funny.

We finally made it into !@#$%^&* after being stranded in a neighboring camp, it became apparent that about 5 feet of snow had melted..

Imagine what that looks like!

Doors literally open into vast drop offs, stairs exist where they didn’t before  and orange snow fencing marks off hazards seemingly everywhere. It’s like living in a giant cardio-demanding Slushie…tip toeing across snow packed paths that threaten to throw you under buildings. Our roads meandered into wherever you can stay up on 2 feet or 4 wheels.

In a previous post I mentioned how a snow storm created a 1 foot snow stair to get out of my bunkhouse. There is now a 2.5 jump to get back into that bunkhouse.

I feel like I’m in an obstacle course for the TV show Wipeout, or in the next arena for the Hunger Games.

Despite it all, I am pleasantly surprised to discover how much I enjoy the mud. I love conquering puddles with my oversized rain boots and driving a bit too fast, only to show up to the office with a speck of mud on my cheek.

Ok I give up, this place is home. I screwed in the coat hooks and put the canvas on the wall using the new Leatherman I got for my birthday – thanks Dad & Sheila


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