If these ice walls could talk

Northern B.C. Glacier Ice Cave

We stopped in front of this cave to take a group photo and random rocks and stones kept falling on us as they melted and loosened from the ice

The Rabbit Hole: a 7ft drop into the entrance of our 600m glacier cave

I am so god damn lucky. We have an incredible group of people up at our camp and we are never bored exploring this stunning landscape. The sun was out tonight and we rode a brand new fleet of off road vehicles to the bottom of the glacier where we went in a 600m ice cave tunnel.

Our camp avalanche tech’s scoped out the cave so we knew it was safe when we jumped through the 0.5meter diameter rabbit hole that slides about 8 feet into it. I immediately stepped into a puddle past my knee that seemed like it could have gone on for forever.

We did a lot of hiking and scaling rocky cliff faces to get there and as nerdy as it sounds, it was a pretty cool team-building thing. Everyone was falling and holding hands as we navigated through areas where every step triggered a mini rockslide.

The other night we played board games until midnight with a dozen people and this afternoon I had a cozy nap with Beth and Andrea while watching The New Girl. We played football and shaved mohawks another night.

The five-star food and rent free living here also has its appeal. I have been in this camp for 3 seasons and we still find different places to watch the sunset from and realize how absolutely charmed we are to be here.


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