A night in Vancouver

It’s so charming to visit my Grandparents. My Nana always collects newspaper articles she thinks I might like – this trip I got one on hair braiding trends and traveling to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

I then went for wine with my Grandpa and convinced him it would be a good idea for him to get a medical marijuana growing permit. Grandpa didn’t take much convincing, but Nana said no chance in hell, and she usually wins.

Now I’m waiting at the ferry terminal to go to Salt Spring. I feel rather bored for a  girl used to working 10-14 hour days surrounded by 160 people who never seem to leave me alone.


Chaos, do you copy?

It was unreasonably hectic in camp today. We contracted an additional helicopter for a total of 5 helicopters working full tilt around 3 camps, 3 cities and one staging area.

It’s a damn good thing I love chaos because I’m the one in charge of helicopter logistics now. Today was fun. People looked at me with frightened expressions asking how my day was I was multitasking frightening pace, but the sun was out and I work with good people.

We did play musical helicopters at one point. I cut myself a break since we had 4 incoming and 2 helipads.

As interesting as camp life is, it isn’t as much fun as the Okanagan in burning hot August, yes….even for a girl with no tan.

I adore the desert Okanagan

Swimming by the river in Pritchard, it was +35 degrees

I made a road trip to go visit Amber on her beautiful farm

Where can I get one?

It’s always so strange “relaxing” on a boat. Where’s all the extreme partying, Mom?

At least we added an element of unnecessary risk to our family boating trip

Then the girls took to the beach, cookies and fancy wine.

But not too fancy

Finally! I found my partner in crime. We killed it with father daughter night at the Cactus Club. Everyone was enamoured with Dad’s beard and style.

What friends are for

I grew up with Del and travelled with him and now he works as a 5th man for a drill company in my camp. His job entails being a rugged man and driving all over the mountains delivering drill parts, fixing things and getting dirty.

I ran into him after lunch when he was tracking down some Tums for Josh, one of the drillers.

I had to giggle at the contrast of how rough and tough theses guys are and here’s Del, sweet as pie, tracking down some meds for a sore tummy, about to make a special delivery to the top of a snow capped mountain. Being the sensitive person I was raised to be, I thought it would be funny to send a tampon up to Josh with the Tums.

It was.

On another note, something outrageous happened, something too outrageous for a blog. It prompted Jasmine to tell me:

“It sounds like a problem that can’t be fixed by red wine which makes me nervous.”

Okanagan Bliss

Board game & tequila night with Kelsey and her family. Note that she has 3 drinks.


This weather is unreal. I feel like it is Thailand in the Okanagan, it is just blissful, blissful heat. I even went for a run in 32 degree weather today. It’s something about the sunshine that just stabilizes me.

I’ve been having a great break. I was worried that I might be a bit bored with friends out of town and me being so disconnected from the outside world, but I have been really busy and have been logging some excellent heart to heart time with friends.

I was lucky to have Kelsey visiting Kelowna from Victoria for the first bit of my trip. We figured out we have been friends for half our lives, we met the first day of grade 7 when we were 12 and we have quickly gotten to the age of 24. We endured all  those years together and it’s nice to sit down with a glass (okay, bottle) of wine to laugh at how crazy we were.

I insured my car for the first time in 2 years. God I love having my car, so much freedom and for whatever reason I feel so ridiculously Jersey Shore cool driving through Kelowna listening to a crazy CD.

I have been managing a good balance of not partying too much. I bought a snorkel set today and went to the beach. I have succumbed to the pressure to get a tan. Having 2 older siblings with skin cancer has sort of taken the glamour out of it but no one seems to sympathize, so I’m embracing Kelowna for 6 days.

Which way is home?

Stewart, British Columbia

What caught my attention was the guy running across the airstrip carrying 4 cases of beer. Only when I decided to take a photo, did I realize how incredible the scene in front of me was.

I flew directly out of camp in a helicopter, landed on the airstrip, said hello to some friends and jumped into a privately chartered plane – how’s that for a commute from work? Now I am en route to Scoozi’s in downtown Vancouver and I’m still wearing my mud boots. A girl doesn’t go home to change her shoes when she hasn’t seen her Grandpa in months.

Camp has been a fairly unreal experience as of late. The other night I had 4 sets of plans in an evening – to make knives, go on a helicopter tour, hike through some ice caves and an option to just hang out. I have so many good friends that all live next door to me and the scenery is unparalleled.

I have started doing helicopter logistics, which I quite like. It’s a game of chaos and efficiency. I went from being radio shy to monopolizing the airwaves. Admittedly, I have the voice of an 8-year-old girl and I have the most melodramatic telltale voice tones. If I’m sleepy or grumpy or elated, everyone knows it – probably before I do. You just learn to embrace it and when you start getting good at what you do, people leave you alone.

Now it’s time for break. Honestly, I am a bit worried. In camp my days are so full of activity and life, it can make downtime a bit frightening. There won’t be anyone to drag me out of bed to go on snow cave adventures and make me laugh so that I question if I should ever waste my time by napping ever again.