Which way is home?

Stewart, British Columbia

What caught my attention was the guy running across the airstrip carrying 4 cases of beer. Only when I decided to take a photo, did I realize how incredible the scene in front of me was.

I flew directly out of camp in a helicopter, landed on the airstrip, said hello to some friends and jumped into a privately chartered plane – how’s that for a commute from work? Now I am en route to Scoozi’s in downtown Vancouver and I’m still wearing my mud boots. A girl doesn’t go home to change her shoes when she hasn’t seen her Grandpa in months.

Camp has been a fairly unreal experience as of late. The other night I had 4 sets of plans in an evening – to make knives, go on a helicopter tour, hike through some ice caves and an option to just hang out. I have so many good friends that all live next door to me and the scenery is unparalleled.

I have started doing helicopter logistics, which I quite like. It’s a game of chaos and efficiency. I went from being radio shy to monopolizing the airwaves. Admittedly, I have the voice of an 8-year-old girl and I have the most melodramatic telltale voice tones. If I’m sleepy or grumpy or elated, everyone knows it – probably before I do. You just learn to embrace it and when you start getting good at what you do, people leave you alone.

Now it’s time for break. Honestly, I am a bit worried. In camp my days are so full of activity and life, it can make downtime a bit frightening. There won’t be anyone to drag me out of bed to go on snow cave adventures and make me laugh so that I question if I should ever waste my time by napping ever again.


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