Okanagan Bliss

Board game & tequila night with Kelsey and her family. Note that she has 3 drinks.


This weather is unreal. I feel like it is Thailand in the Okanagan, it is just blissful, blissful heat. I even went for a run in 32 degree weather today. It’s something about the sunshine that just stabilizes me.

I’ve been having a great break. I was worried that I might be a bit bored with friends out of town and me being so disconnected from the outside world, but I have been really busy and have been logging some excellent heart to heart time with friends.

I was lucky to have Kelsey visiting Kelowna from Victoria for the first bit of my trip. We figured out we have been friends for half our lives, we met the first day of grade 7 when we were 12 and we have quickly gotten to the age of 24. We endured all  those years together and it’s nice to sit down with a glass (okay, bottle) of wine to laugh at how crazy we were.

I insured my car for the first time in 2 years. God I love having my car, so much freedom and for whatever reason I feel so ridiculously Jersey Shore cool driving through Kelowna listening to a crazy CD.

I have been managing a good balance of not partying too much. I bought a snorkel set today and went to the beach. I have succumbed to the pressure to get a tan. Having 2 older siblings with skin cancer has sort of taken the glamour out of it but no one seems to sympathize, so I’m embracing Kelowna for 6 days.


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