Chaos, do you copy?

It was unreasonably hectic in camp today. We contracted an additional helicopter for a total of 5 helicopters working full tilt around 3 camps, 3 cities and one staging area.

It’s a damn good thing I love chaos because I’m the one in charge of helicopter logistics now. Today was fun. People looked at me with frightened expressions asking how my day was I was multitasking frightening pace, but the sun was out and I work with good people.

We did play musical helicopters at one point. I cut myself a break since we had 4 incoming and 2 helipads.

As interesting as camp life is, it isn’t as much fun as the Okanagan in burning hot August, yes….even for a girl with no tan.

I adore the desert Okanagan

Swimming by the river in Pritchard, it was +35 degrees

I made a road trip to go visit Amber on her beautiful farm

Where can I get one?

It’s always so strange “relaxing” on a boat. Where’s all the extreme partying, Mom?

At least we added an element of unnecessary risk to our family boating trip

Then the girls took to the beach, cookies and fancy wine.

But not too fancy

Finally! I found my partner in crime. We killed it with father daughter night at the Cactus Club. Everyone was enamoured with Dad’s beard and style.


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