What friends are for

I grew up with Del and travelled with him and now he works as a 5th man for a drill company in my camp. His job entails being a rugged man and driving all over the mountains delivering drill parts, fixing things and getting dirty.

I ran into him after lunch when he was tracking down some Tums for Josh, one of the drillers.

I had to giggle at the contrast of how rough and tough theses guys are and here’s Del, sweet as pie, tracking down some meds for a sore tummy, about to make a special delivery to the top of a snow capped mountain. Being the sensitive person I was raised to be, I thought it would be funny to send a tampon up to Josh with the Tums.

It was.

On another note, something outrageous happened, something too outrageous for a blog. It prompted Jasmine to tell me:

“It sounds like a problem that can’t be fixed by red wine which makes me nervous.”


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