Blondes have more work

I put in some discreet “ombre” blonde highlights because every girl has gotta’ do it once. I’m happy with it, but hell! What a lot of work. I used to boast that my hair looked its best when I went to sleep with wet hair and let it dry overnight, now it looks like a complete rats nest.

I actually straightened my hair this morning at 4:30AM.

So apart from having a small piece of my soul die for all the extra work it takes to maintain my bleached hair, I like it. However, in the future I’ll stick with my sun kissed brunette locks.

I have a new respect for blondes. It’s incredible both that they are able to maintain an entire head of blonde hair without it all falling out, and that they have the temperament to do so.

Here’s my hat off to you, blondes!

I prefer the snooze button and a sleep in…any hairstyle demanding maintenance is too much for me.


At the Vancouver International Film Festival

This Ain’t California

It felt good to be back! The cinemas were busy in Vancouver and it didn’t even rain on us as we lined up to get into the popular films. It was perfect leather jacket and summer dress weather.

I love the atmosphere at the festival. Four of my screenings had Q&A’s with the directors afterwards and it’s always interesting to hear their stories about filming.

Of the 8 films I saw, these were by far my favourite:

We Were Children – a docudrama about residential schools in Canada

Keep the Lights On – a riveting relationship drama film

This Ain’t California – a film about skateboarding in East/West Germany

Oh how I would love to be a director or a film editor, but I just don’t have the temperament to be a starving artist.