Not in Cabo San Lucas

Oh well, I wouldn't have wanted to go through US customs covered in explosive powder anyhow.

Oh well, I wouldn’t have wanted to go through US customs covered in explosive powder anyhow.

A friend advised me “you’ve got to go outside of your comfort zone to find adventure.”

I’m Nicole Freaking Fisher!!!!!! I couldn’t even bat an empathizing eye when people looked at me like I was crazy traveling through Ex-Yugoslavia by myself. I think I was getting tattooed in Serbia this time last year.

I booked a last minute trip to Cabo San Lucas today and after an afternoon of turmoil and anxiety I cancelled it. Now I am laying in bed next to a packed suitcase and I’m tired.

I think the conventionality of it frightened me and I didn’t want to spend $2,000 on a tequila bender to go to a wedding by myself.  In homage to all the beautiful and unique places I have been in this world, it wouldn’t have been respectful to enjoy a week in an expensive Mexican resort, would it have?

As with many things in life I’ll just cling to my absurdly high standards and wait for a better adventure. It’s going to happen, just wait.

As Oscar Wilde put it:

I prefer the folly of enthusiasm to the indifference of wisdom.

On a brighter note, I took my grandparents to the most incredible 50th wedding anniversary dinner. I have honestly never seen them enjoy a meal, or maybe anything that much. “That’s the way food is meant to be eaten” they exclaimed over our Italian tapas at Tavola.  My family very rarely exclaims.

When I gave them their handmade card labeled “to the happiest couple in the room,” my grandfather almost got up declaring, “we should go find them.”

Fortunately his smile wrinkles give his and my Nana’s happiness away, Nana doesn’t get wrinkles.


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