Mine Rescue Style

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I took a mine rescue course. It was five exhausting and rewarding days that sort of defined what it is to be on a team.

Everyone had their strengths, weaknesses and doubts that we helped each other through. We learned a lot, and we laughed more. I have confidence in topics I didn’t even know about prior to the course.

My brute strength may have been below par, but rumour has it I scored 100% on the course.

They didn’t actually tell us our scores, but apparently they were telling the next batch of mine rescue candidates.

However, I think their statements lacked some truth –  I only scored 92% on the written part of the exam, perhaps I made the rest up in charm?


Poster boy road trip

ImageImageWhat kind of blogger lets a one-month bad mood get in the way of blogging? There was an incident with my beautiful snow cave that I am not ready to rehash yet.

Carrying our giant male underwear calendar through the hotel lobby yesterday, I got an idea. Our friend’s mom bought the calendar for us and we are going to take it on our west coast road trip and take photos with it in different places.

We’ll start in Vancouver, head to Victoria and up the coast to Prince Rupert.

Bon voyage.