Acrylic Artist

I had so much fun in my 8 week acrylic painting course. The people were absolutely charming and I learned a lot.

I walked away with most of the technical skills I was hoping to gain, but most importantly, my wonderful teacher taught me to be brave. On the first day I was nervous to paint anything and just focused on making a colour wheel table. By the second day, when I had finally put something onto a canvas that I liked, I was too nervous to finish the painting in fear of wrecking it.

Fortunately, our teacher is amazing and she convinced me to take chances and realize that if I don’t, I will just keep painting the same paintings. I didn’t think this painting would turn out as well as it did, but I was very proud when the ladies admired it and told me how brave of a choice it was.   

Inspired by Shelley Thomas

Inspired by Shelley Thomas

Burning Man: Cargo Cult 2013

Burning Man: Cargo Cult 2013


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