When I am at a Loss for My Own Words

Quotes are truly to be cherished. It might be a movie quote or a friend’s intoxicated wisdom, but if you can remember them, it is a good way to prompt a thought or a smile. The favourite thing my strategy professor said this week:

“80% of my Chulalongkorn students will go on to CEO’s of big companies…” Dramatic pause as I reflected upon all my inner potential. Then he finished his sentence: “because they will be handed their family business.”

I felt mildly less inspired but at least now I have something to laugh about.


From my favourite film, My Zinc Bed, I have a quote for my logic professor whom I have been quite charmed with. I admire her stoic Japanese pessimism.

“Is perfect friendship always brief? Moderation in all things.”

I like this because I have friendships where I’m tormented to be away from them, even briefly. But I can agree with this quote because a brief friendship is an idealistic one. A few inspirational moments unburdened with the monotonous side of everyday life, and then moving forward without the need to smother out the good things.

I am a romantic for novelty and a lot of inspiration comes from people whose place in my life is left best in my memory.