Who’s the Bitch?

My friend really impressed me the other day when she told me about the book she is reading. It’s called¬†No One’s the Bitch.

She is taking the high road in dealing with a challenging (and terrible) person that she cannot remove from her life (or beat up).

My friend is a really positive person and she puts a lot effort into being positive. Sometimes it rubs off on me, but there is no denying that that the books I read have more of a survival of the fittest theme to them (and sometimes I do my hair like Katniss Everdeen).

A couple days after our conversation, and a couple glasses of red wine later, I got a text from my friend:

“She is such a cunt.”

I had to smile when I heard such a beautiful person use such an aggressive word. She confirmed my suspicions. that usually, we’re the bitch. It is in that humility and surrender that we found our friendship.