It’s Okay Girls…

I told two rather frightened 14-year old girls that they could go into the house as the cop approached us in the driveway. I asked them to take in the melting ice cream cake as he explained to me that “it seemed strange how we were double parking” in front of our house.

Looking like 3 deer in the headlights that he just tried to run down, he conceded without asking for my drivers license. It must be a slow night in West Vancouver.

Here’s the birthday cake I designed for Jaden with the famous photo that broke Twitter as Ellen tried to set a record for the most re-tweets ever as the Oscars. Jaden loves film, and I love Jennifer Lawrence. We were only a Photoshop session away from a solution.





It’s easy to feel alive up here. I am spending my holidays in camp and we have been building an amazing snow cave and today we began phase 1 of our gingerbread fortress, complete with a helipad and remote control helicopter. Last night I cut Jessica’s hair, we went on another underground mine tour and my biggest worry is that I have been laughing so much lately I think I have lost my sense of maturity.

Here are some things I have learned about building snow caves:

(1) Build your entrance lower than the main part of your cave so that the hot air remains trapped



(2) Candles are a great source of light and will not rapidly burn up your air supply as I had imagined

Oxygen depleting mood lights

Oxygen depleting mood lights

(3) Smooth out the roof with a bowl to avoid drips

(4) If you’re unsure about the width of your walls, put 3 meter marker sticks in them

(5) When applicable, mark off your snow cave with bamboo sticks so that you will not be run over by a Snowcat

(6) A dome shaped roof increases the stability of your cave

(7) You can always fit another person in

Camp Dad & John

Camp Dad & John

(8) Don’t wear an oversized toque when trying to dig in confined spaces

(9) Avalanche shovels are great, ice picks help too

(10)               You can’t hear anything if you’re not inside the cave. It’s a great place to yell secrets.

We plan on sleeping in it one night, and mark my words, it will happen.