Drinking before Noon

WineFest: Open to the public. This year anyways…

Vancouver WineFest 2014

“I never drink wine before noon without expecting something terribly exciting to happen.”

In an email I sent to Megan, that was our precursor for Vancouver’s WineFest Blind Tasting Challenge.

Megan is in the wine industry, but I checked the “consumer” box when we arrived to our event at 10:10AM on a Wednesday. We were 10 minutes late, and greeted by a very serious room of professionals who informed us that the challenge was “well under way.”

When we bought tickets, I was picturing blindfolds and giggling. Instead, I found myself in front of a very technical test. For instance, did you know that Slovenia has their own oak barrel methods, and it is reasonable to ask a person questions about wine based on that fact? I am not even sure that I expressed that statement in a way that makes sense.

I did not let it get me down too much, and I focused on the aspect of the test that I could: finishing on time. Keeping in mind that we were late, I walked a precarious line of drinking fast enough, but not so fast that I looked like a redneck.

Our challenge was at the Culinary Arts School, which is quite fancy. It certainly did not strike me as a place that would allow you to drink straight out of the water bottle on the table. It was after that consideration that I accidentally poured my water into the spit cup. It struck a few laughs, but not the drunk kind.

Anyways, I was well on my way to trying 8 new wines before noon.

After our blind wine, we had wine more while talking about wine, then they gave us a gift bag with a bottle of wine. Finally, it was time go eat something, and the restaurant had half off of all their wine, so I did not drive home. In fact, I probably could not have even found my car if I wanted to drive home.

Granville Island is the Hogwarts of parking spots and it took me a couple laps around the Island in the morning to find my car. Thankfully it was not towed, dude.

This is the part where they revealed what the wines were and everyone giggled because we were drunk before noon.

This is the part where they revealed what the wines were and everyone giggled because we were drunk before noon.

Oops, last to leave. Party faux pas…certainly didn't notice at the open bar.

Oops, last to leave. Party faux pas…certainly didn’t notice at the open bar.


Poster boy road trip

ImageImageWhat kind of blogger lets a one-month bad mood get in the way of blogging? There was an incident with my beautiful snow cave that I am not ready to rehash yet.

Carrying our giant male underwear calendar through the hotel lobby yesterday, I got an idea. Our friend’s mom bought the calendar for us and we are going to take it on our west coast road trip and take photos with it in different places.

We’ll start in Vancouver, head to Victoria and up the coast to Prince Rupert.

Bon voyage.